ABA Teamwork allows BCBAs, educators and parents use smart phones to collect data in naturalistic settings and share the data on-line.

With three simple steps, anyone can setup a data form as his or her own choice and share with the team.

Step 1 - Setup form

Add a student and form or simply allow system create a sample student with forms for you

Step 2 - Design and save form

Step 3 - Share the student

The team menber(Ellen) then can use smart phone browser navigate to abateamwork.net (same url of this page) to collect data on the spot. After adding a browser bookmark on the phone, she can quickly start collecting data whenever needs to.

In case there are other students shared with Ellen by other teams, at her fingertips she can switch between students while collecting data.

After data is collected, everyone can see the data and charts on the site and be encouraged by the visible progress on the dashboard of everyone's smart phone.

Although ABA Teamwork is a FREE application, we take every student's privacy seriously. All data can only be seen by the people you choose and all student related inputs are encrypted in our data storage.

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