ABA Teamwork allows professionals, educators and parents use smartphones to collect data in naturalistic settings and share the data on-line.

After registering an account on our site, with 2 simple steps you can setup a data form with targets of your own choice and share with another person, then both of you can input and view data on any devices.

Step 1 - Add a student and the targets

Step 2 - Share the student

The person you shared with (Ellen) then can use the browser on the phone navigate to abateamwork.net to collect data on the spot. In case Ellen doesn't have an account yet, you have an option to allow our system send an email to guide her set up her account. After data is collected, both of you can see the data, charts and progress indicators on phones, computers and tablets.

You can add up to 100 forms to a student and share with parents, teachers, anyone related to the student so everyone can see the student's progress. You can have up to 100 students in your account including students you added and students shared with you by others.

Go one step further, you can use our form builder directly to build your own forms with any components available for data collecting.

ABA Teamwork is a FREE application and we take every student's privacy seriously. Every student's data can only be seen by the people you choose and all student related inputs are encrypted in our data storage.

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Phone screen for collecting data
Phone screen for viewing data

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